Food Intolerance …should we pay more attention?

As a child growing up in a small farming community, I would see the cows being herded down the country lanes to the barns where they were milked. They moved happily along, their udders were not overfilled and dragging on the ground as we see today! They were organic and their milk was warm and creamy and delicious to drink untreated!! In later years it became popular to give cows hormones to increase their lactating ability and increase the milk yield. For the poor cow they better be in their stall ready for milking early because now their udders are so full of milk they practically drag on the ground! But how does this effect us? In science we learn that if you take a hormone secondhand it can actually increase in strength! Today, I have eliminated dairy milk from my diet, although I eat lappings of kerrygold butter daily as it seems to have no side effect for me personally and I think,is good to keep my brain and body healthy. However, I socially find creamy dessert treats such as ice cream and creme anglais so yummy that on rare occasions I find them too irresistible even though I am all to aware of the consequence, I may dream of yogurt and cheesecake even stop and remember how good it tastes and creamy sauces with mushrooms and parmisan are other temptations I cannot resist altogether! BUT a hormone is a very small particle that can multiply and my body does not like it! When our body rejects something such as a hormone it will not process it in the normal way but will send it to be stored in a fat pocket and surround it in fluid, it does not take long before the body becomes soft and wobbly when we ignore our intolerances. Milk can curdle in the upper digestive tract and cause real sickness. The hormone used to increase production of milk in cows can effect the breast tissue and cause these to become enlarged and tender even in men and in women it is very noticeable that before the monthly cycle there will be tenderness. Lactose has a crippling effect on the upper digestive system for those who are sensitive. I have sat silently at many a dinner party rubbing my tummy in agony for unto 2 hours of real pain. Milk also has a congealing effect on fluids so it will create sinus and breathing problems. Not everyone will agree with me, but I can through my personal experience proclaim that with the exception of butter,gruyere and parmisan cheese remaining dairy free allows my body to remain strong and firm and slender but as soon as I go back to it I get wobbly fast!! If you suspect you may be sensitive to a certain food there is a simple home test you can do, but it takes will power – eliminate the problem food from your diet for 3 weeks and if you drop a few sizes and feel better you are intolerant…go on you know what to do now!!! written by Caroline Bartlett this is a picture of My friend Jane (in yellow) and me (in black) aged 50 and not drinking milk because I know I am intolerant!!!


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