Age Reversal Spine Exercise

Gentle and regular exercise is all you need to keep your body young! along with a healthy diet and plenty of water!!   Today convenience fast foods are making people gain and hold extra body fat; both internally around the body organs and externally as fatty tissue, this causes fatigue and reduced self esteem.  At Feel Good Studio it is our aim to help you transform your body in a safe environment with our care and supervision. Perfect also after pregnancy to re-sculpt your core and enjoy personal time or for rehabilitation after surgery.  Many people today are so busy working at desks that they neglect free movement, which is what we are designed for! this causes atrophy of the muscles which leads to aches and pains and leads us to age more rapidly.  Muscles give us energy to move and keep us toned and young.  Low impact exercise will protect the joints and improve flexibility while toning.  Stretching will allow the muscles to elongate and improve posture with breathing techniques designed to relax and calm; you will take in more oxygen so your internal organs work more efficiently.  At Feel Good Studio our machines will provide the correct support for your neck and back so that you can relax and concentrate on breathe and core engagement. Our Fitness Instructor will instruct you privately and personally on our Stott Pilates Reformers and Total Gym. Muscles also burn calories which aid in weight loss and the prevention of diabetes.  We need to exercise to increase muscle strength and muscle mass, but many forms of exercise today work only select muscles; there are 620 muscles in the body. It is important to balance these muscles.  We naturally choose to do the exercises that we are good at; so at Yoga my husband excels at chaturanga press ups (strength) whereas I love the back bends (flexibility).  Pilates will give a balanced workout, if you are strong you will gain flexibility, if you are flexible you will become stronger.  Pilates will train your core as you experience stronger breathing and coordination the other exercises you perform will be improved and more effective our instructor will train your weaker muscles to improve your posture and esteem and you will surprise yourself at how quickly you improve.

Caroline Bartlett

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