Facials at Feel Good Studio

Our Signature Treatments

Featuring Environ and Thalgo beauty treatments, our signature offerings at Feel Good Studio are designed to rejuvenate and enhance your skin. Environ treatments provide deep cleansing, Vitamin A and C infusions, cool peels, and cosmetic needling to improve skin texture, tone, and radiance. Thalgo treatments utilize marine-based products and advanced techniques, offering therapies like the Skin Perfecting Peel, Heart of The Ocean Ritual, and Prodiges Des Ocean Treatment for visible skin renewal and refinement.

Thalgo Heart of The Ocean Ritual

Our Signature Treatment makes the Perfect Gift for a Loved one.

A Full Body Relaxing Massage to unwind and balance the body is combined with our Thalgo Hydra Source Marine Facial leaving the skin feeling amazingly soft and refined.

Heart of The Ocean Ritual 90 minutes for $180     

Hydra Source Facial 60 mins for $140

Thalgo Prodiges Des Ocean Treatment with 64 marine nutrients

Indulge yourself with a complete Face and Body Ritual incorporating therapeutic body massage with our Thalgo energy lifting facial treatment applying award winning Prodiges des Ocean mask with 64 marine nutrients to revitalize skin cells. The face is visibly smoother and appearance of  fine lines improved. 

90 mins Face and Body Ritual for $180

60 minutes Facial and Scalp Massage for $140

Environ Facial Treatments

Environ Signature Facial

Our Environ Signature Facial includes a deep cleanse and second exfoliation with alpha hydroxy acids to refine or cool peel enzymes to brightening the complexion, we will infuse vitamin A into the skin cells with nano and micro-current technology and a calming cool Algae masque soothes and hydrates the face. Noticeable correction of skin includes tighter pores with a smooth, more even tone and contour lift. Dr Des Fernandes has been awarded for his work to help prevent skin cancer with his Environ products. 

90 minutes for $180

Environ Revitalizing Vitamin C Facial

This facial brightens and reveals a radiance to help improve early signs of photo-aging skin includes a deep cleanse and infusion of vitamin C followed by a cool Algae Mask.

50 mins for $140 ….. recommended as a course of 4 for $480

Environ Cool Peel Facial

Our peels can be used all year as they target sun damage and improve the texture and tone of your skin. You may experience mild peeling as dark spots are drawn from the skin but within a few days the skin appears brighter and more luminous. Your experienced and trained Therapist will decide which peel is best for your skin type to help you Reveal Radiance and Glow with this skin regenerating treatment.

50 minutes for $140 

Nano and Micro-current Lifting Facial

We use nano and micro-current technology to lift the muscles and contours of the face and stimulate the skin cells preserving youth  as skin cells are awakened and tighten the pores. We use rejuvenating and brightening serums which are carried deeply into the skin. The treatment is subsensory meaning that you will not experience any pain. It is also natural and subtle in effect. Clients who continue with regular monthly treatments will age kindly as the skin cells will regenerate and firmness will be maintained.

40 minute Jowl Lifting for $100 …… course of 6 x 40 mins for $480

60 minute CACI SYNERGY treatment for $160 

a course of 12 is recommended and maintained with monthly Lifting Facials


to soothe and calm puffy eyes with nano-current for an instant eye lift result.

30 mins for $80 …… course of 6 x 30 mins for $360 

Rejuvalift Facial Treatment

This nano and micro-current facial includes the refining power of Alpha hydroxy acids or a gentle cool peel to brighten and hydrate the complexion before lifting with nano and micro current technology with skin plumping serums for noticeable correction of skin includes tighter pores with a smooth, more even tone and contour lift.

 70 mins for $160 


Thalgo Facial Treatments

Thalgo Transforming Youthful Beauty Facial

This uplifting facial includes a deep cleanse and lymphatic drainage massage then marine silicium and hyaluronic acid complex are infused with Thalgo Energy Lifting massage.  A double cryo-sculpting mask for intense re-firming and restructuring of the jawline is combined with a native marine collagen mask to help refine lines of the forehead, eyes and cheeks while leaving the skin with a velvet softness.  After just 1 treatment your skin will feel youthfully renewed. This is recommended for those over 50 for lifting and plumping deeper lines.

90 minutes for $200   

Thalgo Exceptional Beauty with Age Reversal Complex

This Award Winning Facial Treatment with Age Reversal Complex which reactivates the original dermo lifting power of fibroblasts will brighten and lift even a dull complexion with silky results for an age defying experience which redefines facial contours using our Thalgo Energy Lifting Massage and the silkiest seaweed mask with our most luxurious and restructuring exceptional range. The treatment begins with a relaxing back massage to unwind daily tensions Our ultimate treatment to restore youth.

70 minutes for $200

Thalgo Collagen Facial and Back Massage

This skin smoothing facial includes a deep cleanse and lymphatic drainage massage of the face also either a crystal microdermabrasion treatment or gentle hydrating and brightening peel finished with a Thalgo Native Marine Collagen Mask to add velvet softness. The treatment begins with a 10 minute back relaxation massage to unwind daily tensions. Sensitive skins are comforted and first signs of wrinkles reduced

50 minutes for $170


Thalgo Brightening Facial is suitable for the most sensitive of skins including Asian skin and dark skins, with fermented seaweed and Japanese mushroom it helps to lift pigmentation and this facial has soothing and pleasant scents leaving the skin perfectly rejuvenated and refreshed.

60 mins for $170

Thalgo Skin Perfecting Peel Marine Facial

This Thalgo Renewing Facial Treatment uses gentle acids to brighten the skin and renew the complexion noticeable correction of skin includes tighter pores and reduction of imperfections with a more even tone 

A series of gentle peeling facials for pigment and resurfacing combine 3 effective acids and an active oxygen and pure mesolift marine concentrate to boost cells metabolism and personalized to regulate and resurface the skin. This will not aggravate or cause intense deep peeling but is very gentle.    

30 minutes for $120

4 sessions for $360



Crystal Microdermabrasion Treatment

Our medical grade Microdermabrasion will smooth away dry skin with crystals and regenerate the circulation with vacuum suction leaving the skin brighter and velvety smooth and soft to touch .

Microdermabrasion and Mask for $160

Microdermabrasion and Treatment Facial from $180

Personalized Facial

A Personal Facial is ideal for Season change of products.

A thorough cleanse and exfoliation (extraction and high frequency treatment if needed) a digital pressure and lymphatic drainage  massage of the face using the Therapists’ choice of products to replenish and balance your skin is completed with a treatment mask under LED lights. Your Therapist will recommend the best home-care to improve your skin.

60 minutes for $120

Bioelents enzyme Facial

A Triple Enzyme Treatment, deep cleanse and extraction followed by high frequencyand Lympatic Drainage to reduce inflammation and finished with a purifying mask and L.E.D.light therapy to deeply calm irritated skin and restore balance.

60 minutes or $140

Teenager Facials

Purity Reviver

A skin purifying treatment to address problem skins with the option of extractions and high frequency treatment to promote healing within the pores and soothed with a purifying marine mask under LED lights. The face may be deeply cleansed of impurities from the first session and after 3 days will appear smoother and brighter but a series of facials may be required to gradually help clear blemishes. The skin may appear reddened after extractions so plan some down time immediately after.
A home-care program is recommended to maintain a healthy complexion.

50 mins for $100

Hydration Corrector

A gentle cleanse to treat dehydrated or tired skin and infusing hydration into the skin cells with lymphatic drainage massage of the face.  An ultra hydra-marine mask under LED lights to further optimise hydration  leaves the skin fresh, bright and intensely hydrated from the first session

50 mins for $100

Refresher Facial

After a  thorough cleanse and exfoliation we will apply an infusion of marine radiance boosting concentrate using a digital pressure and lymphatic drainage massage to relieve tension from your face and completed with your favorite Thalgo moisturizer wakeup your skin. This Refreshing Facial is ideal before a Party!

30 minutes for $60

Executive Renewal Facial

We intend to thoroughly pamper you.

If your life is full and you need to relax this is the perfect choice.

This Full Body Massage with your choice of Lemongrass oil to uplift or Lavender oil to calm will help to unwind your tension knots and smooth stress away. It is combined with a balancing and replenishing Facial Treatment to leave you feeling fresh and renewed.

90 minutes for $180

Cosmetic Needling Treatment

After a cool peel and gentle needling using our Swiss machine, rejuvenating serums with vitamin A are infused deeper to recharge the skin cells and help reduce expression lines and pigmentation using CACI Synergy . A calming Marine Mask  is applied to finish.

The skin is prepared 2 weeks in advance with Environ vitamin A step up system to improve the integrity of the skin before the cosmetic needling procedure

60 minutes for $200

Course of 3 for $540


Permanent Makeup

We use Swiss Color which is a high quality machine with a wide variety of colors which are safe and without lead oxide!

Our Makeup Artists are highly trained to accurately measure and define your features.


Brows are naturally filled in with the latest ombre technique from Europe.

Hairline strokes may be applied after initial ombre to define and give a totally natural effect

We select the color according to your own eyes and hair.

Eyebrows should be refreshed every 12 to 18 months.

The process will take 2 treatments as we wish to perfect shape and color.

First Treatment $450     Follow up after 3 weeks to perfect brows $150   Hairline definition $150

Refresh of color and shape up to $450   Follow up after 3 weeks to perfect $150  Hairline definition $150


We enhance the Lash Line so you will have a more open eye appearance and shape

We have a variety of colors to define your eye color.  

A refresher is recommended every 3 years

The process will take 2 treatments as we wish to perfect the shape and color.

First Treatment $400      

Follow up after 3 weeks to perfect eyeliner $150


LIPS with 3 Dimensional color

We outline and then fill color into the lips to plump them

We have a variety of colors

The process will take 2 treatments and should be refreshed every 3 years

The skin is prepared 2 weeks in advance with Environ vitamin A step up system to improve the integrity of the skin before the cosmetic needling procedure

First Treatment $500        

Follow up after 3 weeks $250