Nutrition and how our body works and creates cellulite

Today a western diet is high in refined and processed foods and saturated fats and artificial additives. Our meats and dairy are full of antibiotics and growth hormones.
Our grains and vegetables and fruits are sprayed with pesticides.
Even our environment is contaminated with chemical sprays.
Fat is the storage facility for any toxin, which the body does not wish to process.
Fat stores gather substances that the body experience as toxic or poisonous and tuck them out of harms way…the more toxins you consume the bigger your fat cells become and the fatter you get!
People who store fat easily have difficulty dealing with these wastes and their metabolic rate ( the rate at which you burn energy ) gets lower, leading to chronic fatigue and early aging.
Today even the fat cells of Arctic Seals are permeated with chemical poisoning!
The Liver is the organ assigned to processing our food; 1. It breaks down Toxic wastes.
2. It stores vitamins.
3. It provides enzymes for digestion.
The Liver has an amazing, even outstanding capacity to renew itself and handle detoxification, yet it can become overloaded…then toxins, which are fat soluble, are carried via the blood and lymphatic systems to be stored in fat.
The Liver is most active between midnight and midday.
To detoxify at this time by eating only fruits, which will not stress the liver, is to allow the liver time to cleanse and shed fat!
Using Raw Energy Food Combining as a lifestyle can change the way you feel and bring about rejuvenation, shedding fat to uncover your natural Beauty and bringing about renewed energy as your metabolism increases and your inner organs are cleansed and vitalised.
In the colon our villi are gently swaying and taking up nutrients to be carried into the bloodstream to nourish our body, however, through years of stodgy convenience food, plague can block and completely cover the villi. The fibre of Lettuce and apples and raw foods, can cleanse away this plague and reenergize us within.
When we eat convenience food over a period of time we also accumulate wastes in the tissues and we develop nutritional deficiences of vitamins and minerals.
When we eat plants and seeds and fruits and salads and vegetables in their natural RAW state, our body receives vitamins and sugars; which it can readily use for energy, water; to transport toxins out of the body and roughage; that can cleanse the colon. The subtle energies of these foods encourage detoxification and fat burning they give us life force and vitality to improve cellular metabolism and electrically charge our system.
The life force of a plant is destroyed when foods are cooked or processed, these subtle energies play a central part in enhancing metabolism, rebalancing the body’s functions and eliminating excess fat stores.
Scientists can measure the intensity of electrical fields in living cells and by measuring the ‘L-Fields’ around a seed, they can predict how healthy or unhealthy a plant will become.
Living cells or RAW FOODS emit light in the form of bio photon radiation their cells radiate this light very intensely and they produce natural alternating current fields which reflect biological events necessary for cell metabolism, health and growth. Raw foods are living foods and new spouts and seeds are life generating. Raw foods should form 50 – 70% of your diet for optimum health.
We get 3 types of energy from Raw Foods;1. Kinetic Energy for motion.
2. Electrical Energy to maintain cell wall integrity and muscle and nerve impulses. 3. Chemical Energy for the metabolic process.
Sunlight through photosynthesis in plants is the primary source of all 3 and much of this energy is destroyed when foods are cooked or processed.
By eating in a way that shows respect for the body’s enzymic limitations, you will allow your body to digest foods fully and properly.
For instance; eating meat with salad or vegetables then allowing 4 to 5 hours before you take a starch meal with fruit.
The human body is not designed to digest efficiently more than one concentrated food in the stomach at the same time.
Starch digestion begins in the mouth, the enzymes that act upon starches cannot effect proteins or fats and require an alkaline environment, the starch splitting enzyme Ptyalin prepares starch for its journey into the small intestine. All starchy food must be chewed thoroughly.
Protein digesting enzymes need an acid medium and cannot be fully broken down in the presence of starches. The body produces hydrochloric acid and the gastric glands produce pepsinogen, these come together to produce the enzyme pepsin for splitting proteins.
Foods are broken down into chemical parts for use by the cells thanks to enzymes.
Our villi in the colon allow these chemical parts to be taken away into the bloodstream.
When foods such as starch and protein are consumed in the same meal, food cannot be completely broken down and the stress on our organs and enzymes can result in food allergies.
Separating proteins from starches and allowing a digestion period will allow food to be completely broken down into chemical parts and reduce toxic build up and increase the metabolic rate.
Eating plenty of raw foods each day ( ideally 50 to 70% ) lifts the body with vitality and energy.
To achieve permanent fat loss you need rational and effective methods for eliminating toxic waste and to follow a way of living, which will permanently help prevent toxic build up.
The Raw Energy Food Combining will boost your metabolism and detoxify your body while it creates an alkaline system for optimum Health and reduces pain and inflammation within the body.
If you imagine;
A toxin, such as an artificial sweetener being consumed, it has no nutritional value to the body!
Unlike an advocado which is high in calories, but when we eat an advocado every part of our body wants its value; it is packed with healthy omega oils to nourish our heart and our skin, vitamin A is essential for the renewal of our cells. No part of the advocado is toxic or stored away in fat.
At first our body accepts the toxin and tries to process it, but as our body becomes familiar with the toxin, our liver and kidneys shun it away into the bloodstream to be transported to the fat cells. The fat cells are not happy about this and so they draw water to surround the toxin. Soft fat striated with hard fat, this is cellulite! The toxin is very contented to stay there as if relaxing in a hammock on an Island. Our once smooth, contoured and sculpted body quickly becomes fat and soft with cellulite the more toxins we consume.
Massage will rock the hammock and stir the toxin to leave the body via the bloodstream and sometimes an almighty headache will be the result but drinking plenty of water will help flush toxins away painlessly! Our Slim Legs treatment will break down cellulite with micro current but it is then important to drink plenty of water and eat well to avoid the empty hammocks becoming filled!
by Caroline

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