The Rhythm of Life and Importance of Relaxation and Rituals

We all need something to brighten our day. If you are a morning person it may be watching the birds as the sun rises or a walk with your dog when the world around is calm and full of the joy of serenity and promise. Everyone has small rituals in their lives to give it stability and structure. Routine rituals such as a morning stretch or quiet time to catch up on the morning paper with a cup of aromatic coffee help us to get our thoughts in order and prepare us for the day ahead. We need to be flexible and connected in our modern world so it’s vital for our wellbeing to create regular habits and to consciously enjoy every moment of them.
Circadian rhythms influence our natural behavior; over a 24 hour period, in the morning we arise to start fresh at dawn full of anticipation and by nightfall as the lights dim we chill down to sleep and dream, just as in the Spring as the daylight shines earlier we are filled with new hope and excitement, as Winter draws in we get more snuggly and calm down. It is important to listen to our inner body clock. Awareness of these rhythms may help us time and structure our lives successfully. However, today life may not always make this practically possible with so many problems stirring us up; such as an office rumor of redundancy while the bank is pressing for more interest on a mortgage as a sad example! or a bright night at a disco with way too much alcohol as a sorry example!! Rituals help us to stabilize our daily lives restoring a sense of calm and organization.Such as a prayer at night to wish good for others and protection for ourselves. Rituals will have a powerful effect on our sense of well being and help us make the right choices. Try small steps first taking time to discover what works for you personally. Relaxation like taking a Wellness Holiday may give you the peaceful time needed to get back on track and dream and visualize new ideas to implement into your life allowing you to breathe and consider new opportunities and solutions. For others joining a club where you can enjoy relaxation and sports with friends or for someone constantly on the go a new music download or watching football can be enjoyed as time for just chilling and letting your thoughts unwind! Discovering a new equilibrium while maintaining a healthy lifestyle will enhance your life and improve your lifestyle choices. Finding time to relax can be quite the challenge in itself…with so much to do and so little time… grabbing a herbal tea on the go or squeezing in a short break with all the potential delays at the airport simply may not cut it! Relaxation cannot be forced, but it can be trained. Learning how to relax and listening to your inner being does help to relieve tension. Pilates, Yoga and Swimming are excellent choices of exercise which combine with an inner concentration. Mindfulness as we enjoy exercise calms down the panic of life giving your thoughts time to reset themselves logically. It is important to make time for relaxation after a busy work phase to achieve a happy sense of life and success…enjoy all you do with care and consideration and plan to be organized and balance life joyfully….best wishes Caroline

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