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Powertone Pilates Pricelist

In September 2019 we will be  making some changes;

Most of our members are able to take themselves around the circuit therefore we will be reducing monthly membership to $160

We will be charging an extra $10 per session for clients who require supervision and this will be by appointment

Course of 6  $120 (extra supervision fee of $10 per session after initial first course of 6)

Monthly Membership $160

Annual Membership $1600 (online payment)


Pilates was designed by Joseph Pilates who opened his first studio in 1920s New York.
Toning Tables were designed by Bernard H Stauffer in 1930s for Polio sufferers to maintain muscle mass, mobility and circulation.
Shapemaster have worked closely with doctors and physiologists to ensure the machines are biomechanically matched to our bodies requirements and with top Universities in the U.K. to improve the popular Toning Tables of the 1980s.

By focusing breath and core with correct positioning on the toning beds you can control isolated muscles so that stretching through a movement at a controlled speed will elongate and oxygenate that muscle.
It is important that the pelvis is pressed against the toning table without arching or tucking the pelvis to release muscle tension in the lower back and so relieve nerve pain. By encouraging lengthening of the spine the neck can release by pressing the neck toward the toning table and pulling up through the crown to elongate the neck bring the chin down. By scooping the core you will reinforce back strength and slim waist.



CONTROL – Pilates requires elegant and precise muscle control. Our toning beds are designed to keep your back in perfect neutral alignment and the speed is set to deliver maximum tone and stretch; allowing the blood to pump to and oxygenate the muscle tissue so you can concentrate on the muscles and your core.

CONCENTRATION – Mind to Body connection is encouraged and as you become in touch with your body you will naturally regain control of your Posture and Core Strength.

THE POWERHOUSE – Including the abdominals, lower back, hips, buttocks and pelvic floor.
These muscles are the source of energy for your whole body, creating stability and strengthening the internal well being of the organs while raising the pelvic floor and drawing in your core.

BREATH – We will guide your breath to increase circulation and oxygen flow to improve your stamina to endure sports without becoming breathless.


TIPS to get Maximum Results:

1. FOCUS on pulling your navel to spine to reduce pressure on your back.

2. ENGAGE your pelvic floor

3. MINDFULLY engage the muscles you are targeting

4. CONCENTRATE on using your core to form the exercise and BREATH deeply.

5. during any exercise if you feel you are straining; STOP, RELAX & REFOCUS

6. Raise you head and dip your chin to elongate your neck.

7. knee pain is often the result of improper leg positioning maintain soft knees to allow focus on thighs