Heart of The Ocean Ritual

Our “Heart of The Ocean Ritual” takes 85 minutes and costs $150

A performance Facial that restores optimum hydration with a Relaxing Massage to restore peace within.

Thalgo marine products are used according to your skin type to restore your beauty and massage will increase your circulation and vitality.

Silhouette High Precision Shaping Treatment

This slimming treatment takes 80 minutes and costs $160

A high performance innovative treatment to tackle cellulite for amazing results! A unique Thalgo Body Wrap infusing pure Oxygen into the deep skin skin cells to detoxify and encourage the release of stored fat.  Corrective concentrates are infused to refine and resculpt cellulite prone areas and restore skin tone.  Thalgo sculpt and slim massage is then carried out for 25 minutes and the treatment is finished with slimming cream to ensure effective results.