Detoxify and change to a Healthy Lifestyle

We will offer you some advise to energize and ease weight in the body

This morning we start with breakfast and daily snack ideas;

A Super fit; Miso Cleansing Soup to purify the liver,spleen and bladder



combine1 tablespoon Wakeme Seaweed with 2 tablespoon water and soften for 30 minutes
Simmer 3 cups Dash and heat in a pan
add 1/2 cup silken tofu cut into 1/2” pieces
simmer gently then remove from heat
submerge fine mesh and add 1/4 cup miso into mesh to dissolve
top with scallions to serve

B Protein Power; Frittatas with vegetables

Preheat oven to 375
finely dice red bell peppers and roll spinach leaves and basil
Whisk 8 to 10 eggs and 1/2 cup milk season with salt and pepper
Jalapeno pepper will add heat and grated cheese to savory
(any veggies can be combined or even some ham or sausage)
fresh parsley or fresh basil are delicious herbs to add
Pour egg mix into oils sprayed Muffin tin and bake for 10 to 15 minutes

C Energy and Balance; warm oats and fruit


Oats will slowly release sugar throughout the day for the body.
In cool weather it is nice warm
(a) In a pan on medium heat add fresh or frozen fruit and berries
add quick oats and either *soya milk or regular
warm for a few minutes and serve
In warm weather it can be cooled and called Bircher muesli
Overnight soak oats and fruit in milk or soya milk in fridge
add nuts and fresh mint in the morning to serve

Fruit and Nuts are ideal for energy
avoid health bars as these are high in sugars
avoid salt and sugar coated (*flavored) nuts

images-26   images-25

Hummus and Vegetable sticks
carrots/celery/ bell peppers/cucumber

images-16 images-21


*By avoiding refined sugars and salt and flour you can be in control of your appetite, these processed foods will hinder your progress in weight loss and and block your colon
*By avoiding dairy products your breathe will become stronger and sinuses with less mucus also fluid in your body decreases and skin becomes clearer



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