Vitamin A – The Fountain of Youth

Vitamin A – The Fountain of Youth

As we learn more about skin care and the benefits of vitamins on the skin Vitamin A stands out as the key to rejuvenating sun damaged skin as we mature and rebalancing problem skin when we are young.

Vitamin A is destroyed by sunlight and most of us are deficient in vitamin A 

When we are born we have all our cellular receptors in our skin to utilize the vitamin. 

but by the time we are 18 years old we have already lost 80% of these 

and this is one of the reasons why our skin becomes reactive and sensitive. 

Vitamin A needs to be replaced daily to prevent photo-aging skin.

By putting low doses of vitamin A into the skin daily; 

we can rebuild the DNA and increase the cellular receptors in our skin

other signs of vitamin A deficiency include; night blindness, sensitivity to light, eczema and psoriasis, wrinkles and lack of tone in the skin cells, skin conditions with extra keratin or rough skin and pigmentation marks.

There are several different ways we can apply vitamin A to the skin.

Esters are part of the Retinoids they are fat soluble and Beta carotene is the plant form  ‘Environ’ skincare products only use these as they are safe and the least irritating with a natural synergy into the the skin cells via lipid proteins (which will not go into body organs) Esters and Beta carotene will turn into retinol when they enter into the skin cells they then convert to retinoic acid which is used by the skin’s DNA to help improve the appearance of photo-aging  skin; improving elasticity and hydration and to normalize problematic skin conditions such as over active sebaceous glands. 

The cellular receptor sites are stimulated by the application of Vitamin A and it’s conversion within the skin cell. These receptor sites are rejuvenated upon exposure to increased levels of Vitamin A and with careful studies ‘Environ’  have created a step up program to maximize this effect.

80 – 90% of vitamin A in the skin cells is retinyl palmitate stored as retinol esters; which stimulates fibroblasts, repairs blood vessels, improves collagen, retains moisture, replenishes cell walls and normalizes DNA cells while regulating sebum production. 

This deeper cell rejuvenation delivers more oxygen into the skin.

Dr Des Fernandes study of skin cancer and vitamins on the skin lead him to create ‘Environ’ which has over 25 years of excellence with its ultra high potency of vitamins being applied to the skin safely with his carefully designed step up procedure

which allows the skin time to graduate to stronger doses safely and in carefully planned time and sequence.

Dr Kligmans study of retinoid acid on skin rejuvenation shows us turn around results on hydration and photo-aging. 

Retinol is the alcohol form and is taken up by the body organs it is very irritating and can cause peeling.

Retinoic Acid  is the preferred method offered by doctors which can cause dry and sensitive skin

‘Environ’ do not use Retinol or Retinoic Acid.

Professor Cluver of South Africa recommends oral supplements of 

Vitamin A daily to maintain the epidermis and foods which are rich in this vitamin include Salmon and oily fish, carrots, green leafy vegetables, potatoes, papaya, chicken and eggs, which sounds more delicious than a pill … however, most of us are deficient in Vitamin A today!

We need to apply vitamin A to the skin in the morning as protection, when our bio rhythm is fast we are perspiring more but need to protect our skin from the external damage caused by UVA and UVB. 

We need to apply vitamin A to the skin at night to replenish, when our bio rhythm is slow we breathe in more deeply and the vitamin can penetrate the cells more easily to rejuvenate and repair.

‘Environ’ combine antioxidants and growth peptides to their vitamin A serums to make a complex that will deliver safely into the skin cells and our Beauty Therapists are trained to offer the product most suitable for the client by prescription only at ‘Feel Good Studio’.

within 6 -18 months scientific studies have shown skin improvements;

  1. Promote healthy dermis and epidermis
  2. Normalize sebaceous gland production and DNA cells
  3. Rejuvenate Collagen and Elastin 
  4. Help support skin immunity and helrepair capillaries 
  5. Promote natural moisturizing factors
  6. Brighten pigmentation of the skin

As many of the signs of sun damage are reversed and problematic skin is normalized your Skin is Reborn Beautiful with ‘Environ’

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