Light Peels at Feel Good Studio

At Feel Good Studio We want to see your skin improve and regenerate with time

We live in a climate where we are exposed to the sun

We want your skin integrity to be strong and protected to cope with harmful rays

Our Medical Environ line has vitamin A and C with peptides and antioxidants to rejuvenate

Our Marine Thalgo line has powerful marine ingredients to protect the skin and replenish the skin cells and delicate capillaries

We prefer to offer milder peels more frequently

a series of light peels by Environ will minimise the destruction of the epidermis and stimulates the skins production of growth factors for a healthy skin we offer a safe treatment to produce healthier and smoother skin. We do recommend to prepare the skin with Environs vitamin A moisturiser before peeling and to replenish the skin after treatments.

Thalgo Mceutics gently resurface the skin to reveal new brighter and refined skin and Thalgo Brightening Facial is ideal to reduce sun spots and brighten Asian skins.

Environ offer a variety of gentle peels from alpha hydroxy to Cool Peels which are scientifically formulated and developed by Dr Fernandez with a unique concept and method application to be tailored to suit the individual without any down time
Vitamin A is the corner stone ingredient in the Environ Skin care philosophy and needs to be replaced daily for skin appearance to improve as we age. Combined with other essential nutrients such as peptides, antioxidants and marine technology the long term enhancement of skin appearance becomes clearly visibly

Effects of peeling

skin becomes dryer and tighter for a few days as sun damage is targeted and healthy cells survive while damaged cells gently peel away. Scientific research has shown that growth factors are stimulated and collagen is promoted thus the skin becomes brighter and more youthful.

Results of peeling

a course of peels will help to improve the appearance and texture of the skin relating to visible signs of aging such as pigmentation and fine lines and delicate capillaries and also to help normalise the skin and refine open pores helping to improve the appearance of scaring on the skin as it shows improvement to texture and the appearance of problematic skin as dead cells are removed and the new healthy skin is radiantly revealed and smooth allowing lifting treatments and hydration to be more effective as the products can more easily be absorbed into soft and healthy skin cells

a course of peels will smooth the appearance of skin without any damage and soften the appearance of rough texture and aging by minimizing the destruction of healthy epidermis and stimulating collagen production in the dermis

Polonged use of topical vitamin A is essential to improve the integrity of the skin cells and repair DNA
Light peels can be done at weekly intervals
even in Summer with use of a good SPF when exposing the skin to harmful UV rays

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