How can I relieve my back pain?

Many people are troubled with back pain, we all think it just occurred however it is usually gradually accumulated! a little back irritation ignored and then one sudden shock to make you gasp and it is out!! Whether you are working at a desk job or a builder with heavy lifting, a mother juggling small children and piles of unbalanced shopping, even very fit people running or exercising with imbalances in the muscles causing postural problems due to weakness of some muscles and tightness of others affecting our strength, mobility and coordination. The gait mechanics of the core are key to good health and a strong back!
When your pelvis is in a neutral position, the load on your spine is evenly distributed. Think about those toy snakes as an example of our spine..when you move the lower spine then the upper spine will naturally move freely, however, when there is tightness it prevents this free flowing movement and parts of the spine may be pushed out of place and need adjustment! Think about the muscles that surround the spine holding it safely in place and protecting the spine to prevent it shrinking and creating worn discs and how important it is to keep these muscles strong and elongated and balanced.
If we run with tight hip flexors and tight quadriceps the pelvis will tilt forward and this can increase compression of the vertebrae if you then imagine the added impact of running miles on an ungiving hard road surface you can see how easy it is to strain your back, another common scenario for runners is tight gluts which can lead to a tucked tail bone and so the pelvis will tilt backwards!
Continually lifting and carrying on one side of the body will create scoliosis, which is a twisting of the spine, eventually one pressure point may give way and then the spine can be put painfully out of alignment.
A common culprit of backache in the office is a comfy chair that you can slump into and a desk where you have to bend over to type and hook your neck up to view the computer screen! This can be corrected with the purchase of a stable upright stool that encourages you to sit forward and up right and repositioning the computer on the desk plus stopping for an occasional stretch of your shoulders, back and rotation of your neck and hips. A similar problem can strain the back with comfy car seats on long journeys!
At Feel Good Studio, 27 Front Street, Hamilton, Bermuda we have a unique combination of Pilates and Toning beds to keep the spine in perfect alignment while we ask you to mindfully concentrate on isolated muscles that are engaged during the motion and all the time engaging your core and relaxing into your breathing. We now also have Susie our Personal Fitness Instructor to guide you in our New STOTT Reformer Pilates Fitness Studio.
When we talk about core strength we want to develop a strong muscular structure for your back, hips and stomach to stabilize the spine. These muscles need to be balanced to produce the powerhouse of all movements of the body and will incorporate the deeper muscles of the pelvic floor. Also to develop strong shoulders and supporting muscles for your spine to will bring balance to the body Susie will assess your needs and work on a program to personally empower you. Our team of Therapeutic Massage Therapists are also able to help stretch and mobilize the body, easing pressure on the joints and releasing tension in the muscles.


Kind Regards Caroline

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