Ketogenic Lifestyle change for Health

With an increase in obesity and diabetes it is time that we in the Western World look at alternative diet plans and make the lifestyle adjustment necessary to maintain Good Health and Slender Bodies.

The food we eat in the West is often high carbohydrate with lots of sugar and saturated fats, processed for convenience and speed. We do not pay much attention to the antibiotics and hormones, preservatives, colors and chemicals in what we eat today.

Making changes in our diet is essential to improve our energy and lifestyle and the way we feel about ourselves It effects our  general mood and health and self esteem.

When we look at starting a diet, we should try to avoid the need to suffer, as it is sensible to consider a lifestyle change that we can maintain,  rather than play with our body so it becomes confused as with a yoyo type of weight management that creates many problems such as ‘feast or famine’ where the body will store food when we return to bad habits often becoming even fatter than before the diet.

I understand that when we have become addicted to a high sugar diet it will never be easy to deny ourselves sweet things but the consequence is dire including diabetes, obesity, headaches and confusion so it is important to get a grip on reality and this is where the Ketogenic diet may be useful. The Ketogenic diet burns fat as the primary fuel instead of sugar to achieve the condition known as nutritional ketosis.

The Ketogenic diet emphasizes on consuming high amounts of healthy fats and moderate amounts of protein but very little carbohydrates. This diet can help to burn and shed body fat while reducing hunger pangs and addiction to sugar as the diet does not spike insulin in the blood it can be very helpful for reducing diabetes.

The Ketogenic diet encourages healthy food options which are delicious and nutritious. Good fats include olive oil, avocado, nuts and butter. Protein includes Eggs, Salmon, Sardines which are rich in omega 3 fatty acids. Fiber intake is also important to help flush the system and detoxify the body this includes kale, spinach, prunes.

We can easily enjoy a delicious diet while our health improves and make it our lifestyle so we can get into great shape and enjoy good health.

written by Caroline

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