Why is Core Strength So Important?

If you have been with us at Feel Good Studio for some time; you may be wondering why we are so insistent on keeping your core engaged and also doing Kegel exercises.

Your core has 39 muscles all located in your abdomen, pelvis and your back. The core is intimately connected with every single movement you make throughout the day. Simple movements from getting out of bed to more complex exercises such as performing a barbell squat all require core strength and flexibility.

Those with weak cores are more likely to be overweight, suffer from medical conditions, and suffer from low back pain. A weak core can even contribute to knee, shoulder, neck and foot pain. When your core suffers, the quality of movement will suffer across many domains of your life.

A strong core is linked to good balance, good posture, improved ability to perform in any sport, and can reduce the risk of falling in the elderly (Granacher et al, 2013). Moreover, developing a strong core can increase one’s metabolism and therefore help you lose weight faster. Core strengthening exercise builds lean mass in the core, and the greater lean muscle mass one has the more calories they burn.

anterior-abdominal-wallMary Gosling … Shapemaster Fitness Instructor

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